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Dignity Across the Lifespan

Response-based practice is an approach that is centered around preserving human dignity, particularly for those harmed by violence. The suffering experienced by violence survivors can be articulated in a number of ways. We can use the language of psychology and...

Children of God

Recently, the play Children of God, written by Corey Payette, was performed at the Segal Theatre in Montreal. This play depicted the resistance of Indigenous children to their internment, oppression and abuse in the prison camps known as Residential Schools. These institutions were all across Canada and held over 150,000 First Nations, Metis and Inuit children. This play was designed to bring this reality into the awareness of Canadians and theatre viewers. My role was to facilitate talk-backs after the performance and to offer emotional support in a makeshift healing tent in the lobby. Many Montrealers were shocked to learn about this history and have difficulty processing this colonial violence against Indigenous children on this land.


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