I am a university-level teaching of approaches to counselling and social work. I am a co-developer of response-based practice, which helps people realize their capacities through an explore of what they already know, do and value and how they have responded to adversity in the past. This approach helps people let go of guilt and shame, and helps them to create a preferred life for themselves. I also teach methods such as solution-focused and brief therapy, narrative therapy, cognitive behavioural, working with stories, dreams and metaphor. I integrate spiritual awareness into the process where it helps people to find richer meaning and purpose in life. This work is based on enhancing connections to people, animals and nature, to maximize life’s beauty and relationality.

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Cathy’s work has inspired, critiqued, enthralled and chastised me in helpful heartfelt ways across our multiple locations of power and subjugation. Cathy holds a fabulous and complex critical analysis that she has shared through teachings and writing, and this analysis has contributed immeasurably to my own ethical stance without which I couldn’t work. She is a brilliant and gifted practitioner and facilitator, and her compassion and ethics provide structures of safety that make it possible others to stretch themselves beyond their own locations and knowings into new transformational territories. 
Cathy’s writings and presentations are both generous and generative, and help feed a hunger I witness in practitioners, academics and activists to engage with a decolonizing ethic in all of our paid and unpaid transformation work. Cathy’s work is a gift from the margins that comes from struggle, at great cost to her as a Metis woman, and to my benefit as a white settler Canadian. Cathy’s work calls for an accountability from academia, practice and activism to respond to its demands for us to collectively decolonize and resist erasure.
Vikki Reynolds

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